Thursday, September 26, 2013

Renaming Message Queues for Integration Broker in PeopleTools 8.5x

Here's a quick list of steps in renaming your Message Queues for Integration broker. The same steps can be performed when recreating the message queue, simply rename the original one to a another name for backup.

1. Stop/Inactivate the IB Domain.
2. Stop/Pause the queue in queue status page.

3. Archive / Delete all IB messages for this particular queue
        - This is important since it renaming the message queue is not allowed when there are messages under this queue. You may archive or delete all done and cancelled messages under this queue. To archive, use the delivered archiving process for Integration Broker. To delete the queues, use the delivered PSAPMSPURGELIVE.DMS file and append a "where queuename='your queue name'. Now, not all tables have a queuename field and I currently do not have a list of its content, but a sureway of checking is to replace all "delete from" with "select count(*) from" to let you know which fields will be used.

4. Go to service Operation and look for the service operation that this queue is associated with. Normally it has the same name with your queue name. dis-associate this queue name from the service operation by changing the value (including the version) to any other on your list. remember that your domain is currently disabled and we'll replace this with the correct one later on. save

5. Proceed in renaming the queue. Navigate to service administration and rename or delete your queue. Make sure you take a screenshot of it first if your planning to delete and re-create your message queue.
6. Recreate your message queue in the queue page. Note that you need to associate your queue to a service operation for the fields to be created. save
7. Go back to the service operation earlier and rename the queue you changed in step 4. save
8. Go back to queues list and update your queue to make it look as it was before. save

9. Start/Run the new queue in queue status page and make sure the old queue is paused.
10. Start/Activate your IB domain.

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