Friday, December 27, 2013

Enabling Virus Scan for PT 8.52

OK, so we all know that Oracle documents aren't always as detailed, but when you get it, you suddenly realize that it was really as straight forward as what the docs says.

We had that moment when enabling virus scan for our peoplesoft environment. We were looking for the documentations for when you want to use a different version of a virus scanner. Anyway, long story short, the old version of Symantec protection engine has been replaced by Symantec Protection Engine for Cloud services v12. So use this one instead.

Easy steps:

1. Install Symantec Protection Engine for Cloud services v12 - this has been tested to work with PT8.51 and PT8.53.

2.  Update the VirusScan.xml file on your webserver on its two locations:


3. The entry should be exaclty the same as the one provided in Peoplebooks, you only need to update the IP address with the one where you've installed Symantec

4. bounce your servers and clear the cache.

5. test.

log can be seen in your PIA logs