Friday, January 3, 2014

Blocking condition within Tuxedo on the client

The service PostReport could not be sent because of a blocking condition within Tuxedo on the client. Check the message monitor and you can see that most processes are in posting status. Check your process scheduler through psadmin and you can see psdstsrv process is hung.

First thing to NOT do is recreate the process scheduler! I believe I found a blog somewhere that suggessted this which reaaallly should be the very very last resort. 

anyway, simple solution is to bounce the hung process which is PSDSTSRV. this can be done using the Tuxedo comand line of psadmin.

## restart psdstsrv in windows:
Normally the PSDSTSRV.exe process has an ID of 103, you can check this using task manager (Follow the steps here on how to view the process in Task Manager).

Open up psadmin, navigate to Tuxedo command line and enter the following commands to shutdown/boot the process.

shutdown -g BASE -i 103
boot -g BASE -i 103

If psdstsrv wont shutdown, kill the specific process from task manager.

## Restart psdstsrv in UNIX
Basically the same steps but to get the process ID, use the command instead:

ps -ef|grep -i ps|grep -i psdstsrv

Some info you might want to know but is not used here.

Dist status when looking at the table backend:

DISTSTATUS 1 = Scheduled (N/A)
DISTSTATUS 2 = Processing
DISTSTATUS 3 = Generated
DISTSTATUS 4 = Unable to Post

DISTSTATUS 7 = Posting (stuck).

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Run Appmsgarch process manually

PeopleTools> Integration Broker>
Service Operations Monitor> Monitoring> Monitoring Data Archiving