Thursday, September 27, 2012

PeopleSoft Integration Broker Changes on newer PeopleTools

I know I said I'll be writing about Oracle VMs and PS templates, but I found this on my drafts folder and thought I should probably move it out here first. It's an old post that never got published, soo.. this is probably irrelevant now too since most people are using PeopleTools versions that are on 8.49 or higher, but just in case some one out there needs Integration Broker changes between 8.47 (and older) and 8.48 (and later), here you go:

Integration Broker's architecture had a major face lift when PeopleTools 8.48 came out. The following lists just some of the changes.

I will be adding more details to this list probably after the long holidays (Holy Week in my country).. I'm just so lazy lately. For now, here's a nifty little table that lists the changes, coutesy of a PDF file from
(EDIT 1 - Kim 9/2012: This was written at around 4/2012, never gotten around to doing this, guess I'm lazy always, LOL) 

Here's the link to the PDF file.

Just to add, one of the worst changes Oracle made wasa by replacing PUBID with Transaction ID. I'll write more about that sometime this week as well...maybe.
(EDIT 2 - Kim 9/2012: I have this on my drafts folder as well, I'll be posting that some other time. Oh the promises! :))

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